Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm taking a rest

But I still thought you might like to see some of the treasures I brought back with me from Bead and Button. It was a fun ten days with Mark joining me for the first three and the Bad Liz arriving on Monday.

I treated myself to Harold Cooney bead. This one I'm blaming on my Canadian friends Barb and Beth who had to show me theirs during dinner one evening.

Easily influenced I took myself to the showfloor on Friday and bought this. Not that my arm has to be twisted much to buy one of Harold's beads. They are so incredible.

I also bought a few trinkets from Art by Amy. My friend Janice arrived wearing a Rock Star pendant and I knew I needed one too. The booth was lively with vintage pink diner stools, and a chandelier full of baubles. Fun!

Mind you it's not that I go around thinking I'm a rock star, but at a show with this much talent, it is really easy to starting feeling unsure of one's own self worth. It's a nice reminder to celebrate one's self.

And I couldn't resist finally owning one of Christi Friesen's steampunk creatures.

Christi is a huge talent and so completely full of all of life's positives. She always has a kind word.

I've got a few more trinkets to share with you tomorrow and then I best get busy with preparations for Fusion Beads, Alaska, Portland and Germany. They will all be here before I know it!


Gabri said...

About easy influenced... I bought Cooneye's blue/orange glass ring. Soooo beautiful.

Anna said...

Love the glass bead, got one from him too, held the one you got for a long time, before making up my mind.
Thanks for all the New York tips, had a great day of shopping for beads and some exceptional buttons.