Saturday, June 4, 2011


I arrived Thursday evening to 45 degree weather making a walk to the lake on Friday morning quite pleasant. Since then, as happens in the Midwest, a warm humid air mass moved in and the weather got a little less pleasant.

But that was no deterrent for my outing today with Loose Bead Society's President Helen Dhams. Helen graciously offered to pick me up and take me in search of fiber. Starting with Fiberwoods where Deb Bednarek, a Facebook and bead friend, works. The yarn there is geared toward weaving with lot's of weights and colors wound on big spools as well as a lot of roving and unusual fibers. I bought some baby sweater yarn.

Then it was on to River Boutique which has an eclectic yarn selection as well as decor. The staff and owner were super friendly and the cushy upholstered chairs of their knitting circle were very inviting. I could have stayed all day. Instead I bought a Sublime baby book which had the cutest hooded aran style cardigan that I just have to make!

Back to the hotel for a session of beading.

A ring for a friend who admired mine. I captured a different dream in hers, but this shows you what the shrink plastic looks like. I rubber stamped it and colored it and wrote my message, this one for me. Trying to remind myself to be accepting of this aging process.

I used the little 1.5 squares in the row where I would usually put a size 11 and it's quite a fun change. I love making these rings, changing up the sizes and colors and of course the 'dreams' they hold.

It's off to dinner at Osteria Del Mundo, a recommended Italian restaurant down near the lake.

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Hélène said...

This ring is absolutely fabulous, and I dream to make one. Will the pattern be available? when? where? I'm looking forward!