Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More Milwaukee

I transferred images from the ipad to the imac today and found a few more share worthy images of my time in Milwaukee last week. Hoot making the rounds at the Miller Pub party on Tuesday night.

Here with Huib Petersen

and Suzanne Golden

And here with Benjamin Bunny, who belongs to Dot Lewellan and travels with her like Hoot travels with me. They look pretty cute together.

Before the teaching began Mark and I had an opportunity to walk down to the lake one day and experience some of the wonderful architecture that Milwaukee has to offer. A particularly nice balcony railing.

The beading has begun, samples for upcoming engagements, and a submission to teach. A ring promised to a friend, and the amulet bag I am 'fringing' for the amulet purse round robin. So today will be for beading.....and trying to ignore the chain saw that Mark is using to cut up the remaining pepper tree stumps and the tile saw that Manny is using to cut tile for the fountain. It may be that a trip to Fry's Electronics and a pair of noise cancelling earphones are in order.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome photos! I didn't know Hoot was of the age to go to a bar, did they card him? LOL. Looks like you had great fun!