Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Santa Cruz to San Diego

Spending the weekend with grand daughter Malayna was fun and spending the car ride home with grand daughter Samantha also fun. Sam and I made a sport of trying to capture the El Camino bells on film.

This was not so easy at 60 miles per hour, trying to time the shutter click just right. We missed far many then we caught on camera but here is one of the better shots.

Down around Malibu where Highway 101 runs along the ocean and the train tracks, we got this shot.

There is something so romantic about train travel. In this country, it is not for the most part so practical, although there is the odd route like this one from San Diego to Los Angeles that makes sense.

When I go to Europe this fall I will travel most likely to Belgium and definitely to Germany by train. I love watching the scenery go by and the rhythmic quality of the movement.

Sam took over my camera and captured this shot as we moved through the coastal marine layer.

Our ride traveled through temperatures ranging from 98 to 59 degrees. A lot of micro-climates for one highway.

Sam in true teen age fashion is still sleeping, but we have a busy day of cooking, and beading planned. Although as you may know I don't typically do peyote patterns, I think it may be a good stitch for her to learn. She is doing square stitch that she learned in art class. I'm going to dig out some delicas and some pattern paper and see if I can pique her interest.

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