Monday, June 20, 2011

The trek home

We spent a love filled week-end with family and today we head home with older grand daughter Sam joining us.

She tried her hand at beading during art class this past year so I'm anxious to explore some designs with her and provide some encouragement.

Given that LA is between Santa Cruz and San Diego we need to arrange our timing to avoid rush hour traffic. We'll be stopping to pick Sam up and enjoy a leisurely Santa Cruz breakfast at a favorite spot before heading out.

A visit in Santa Barbara and perhaps dinner should provide the necessary timing to drive easily through LA arriving home early evening.

Sam wants to cook, bead, learn to make waffles, visit the zoo and eat Oysters with me. It will be a busy couple of days and I'm excited for them.

She's also a budding photographer so we'll take some pictures for you.

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