Monday, June 27, 2011

A permanent photo setup

It used to be that I would take out the EZ cube and set it on one of the two studio tables, the one usually reserved for the shipping department and pressed into action when I hold classes in the studio. It was never the most convenient set up and the tripod and lights were always in the way.

Since I've sewn less and less over the years I decided to move the sewing machine upstairs into the yarn room and make way for a table that can hold this setup permanently.

In front is the new sparkler light which has really made a huge improvement in lighting. This is a new ez cube that has grommets in which plastic rods can be placed and a piece can be draped or attached to the rods to film it as it hangs in the air. This is often a better shot then one lying flat, depending on the piece of course.

The vase in the back holds additional backsweeps, an acrylic cleaner, the various rods that can be interchanged and clips which help to clip the back sweep into place. There is also a little container of prop wax and some invisible line to help with suspending things. The top of this cube opens for taking a shot straight down, and an additional piece of fabric can be attached to the front which allows a small opening for the lens so that in a highly reflective piece you don't see reflections of the equipment.

There are a couple of more pieces I'd like to add, a tripod arm that allows the camera to be suspended over the subject and a backdrop that can be used with the black acrylic panel for drama shots with a halo. In time I'll do that, but for now I'm prety happy with this improvement.

The site where I purchased most of this equipment, Table Top Studio has a lot of good information for taking and improving product shots. I look at my early attempts and shudder, but I am improving.


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Patty said...

Great setup, Marcia! I'm curious what kind of lights you have to the sides of your cube.

Marcia DeCoster said...

They are 2- 30 Watt Trumpet Top Daylight Balanced 5000K high CRI compact fluorescent bulbs from table top studio.

Robin said...

This is a most timely post for me, Marcia. I'll email you in a couple of days and tell you why... Thanks so much! Hugs!

Unknown said...

This is such good information for me. Usually my photos are made in an old-fashioned cube on a terry towel, and they look so amateurish. I really appreciate the link to the table top lighting setup site. I am sure that I can gradually build up some really good equipment, as the budget permits, and improve everything exponentially! The dedicated home is also a good idea, if you can find a space.