Friday, June 17, 2011

Some lovely photos

With the new light set up I've been taking much better pictures.
I love the luster of the focal pearl in this shot

and the way I can see each fiber of the felted balls and each facet of the loch rosen embellishments

The Swarovski golden shadow pendant shows up nicely as does the pearl strung necklace.

Still some things to add. I would like one of the bars that gets added to the tripod and let's the camera dangle out over the subject. I think it may be called rails or it may be a different thing (I'm a slow learner) but I can't get my camera over some of the pieces for a true top down that I would like. And then I want the vinyl that is held behind the black acrylic with a light behind it to get better lighting when I use the black. I like the black for drama on the web, but it doesn't look very good in print for my labels or directions, so I'll be using it sparingly.

Still to do is find an organization of the existing photos that I can live with. One big mass of events is not working for me when I need to scroll through a million pictures. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong here, but I've yet to come up with a workable scheme. In the meantime I'm putting new pictures on the desktop which is not going to be a good longtime solution.

An unexpected beading deadline came up this week and I've been focused on it, finally sending off a package this morning. Now I have to regroup and see what I should have been doing this week. But for a beautiful Friday afternoon, I am going to sit and finish Malayna's newest sweater.


Marcie Abney Carroll said...

I just create folders labeled "necklaces", "bracelets" and "rings". Though you could create a new folder for each piece that you create and store all the photos for that piece in there.
Just create one large folder for jewelry and then inside of that folder create smaller folders for your pieces. (I'm sorry, I wish I knew more about how a MAC works!)

kate mckinnon said...

IPhoto is not a good photo storage solution. It's a convenient way to store your raw images by the function of time, but not much else.

What I do is: Delete immediately from IPhoto all inferior images. Just get rid of them. As you are viewing them in IPhoto, clicking Delete will do this. Then use your image software (I use Photoshop) and process and size the ones you want to use, and keep those processed images in folders by projects, or like Marcie says, category.

Don't keep things you really care about on your desktop. Desktop mounted volumes don't really live in hard storage like stuff on your hard drive does, and can be lost in a crash.


Sally Anderson said...

iPhoto really sucks! It's a bad way to try to organize things. I agree w/ Kate. I keep current things on my desktop but then when not needed (or not needed frequently) they get filed into folders w/ names that I'll remember -- not necessarily meaningful to anyone else).

Initial Charms said...

The creation is very beautiful...with the gold beads creating an aura of to wear such kind with white outfits.