Tuesday, August 9, 2011


When in Seattle I got to see friends Janice and Tracy, also known as the Wired Arts Girls, for dinner one evening. If we're lucky we get that pleasure 2 or 3 times a year, always at Bead and Button, always in Tucson and sometimes another time or two. This year I cruised with Tracy in March so it's been an excellent year for spending some quality time together.

I suspect I might have carried on about how much I loved the crystal wild heart she'd been wearing at Bead and Button. I may or may not have drawn the line at actual bead begging, I don't recall. But I was truly enamored of the way she put together the wire holding onto my favorite of the Swarovski Elements hearts, the wild heart.

We also laughed over her posting of her naked hand on facebook since I had gifted Janice a Dream Keeper Vessel ring (there is a story and Janice needed hers first and all has been forgiven but...) Tracy's hand remained naked. So last week I made Tracy's ring with her special dream inside. Whew, am I glad because at dinner Tracy presented me with this!

Oh my gosh. I could not love it anymore. It is perfect! Hers is worn on a chunky chain and I had a look, but chain is a tad expensive these days....and then my very own stash turned up the perfect chain. A right angle weave chain done in dark silver size 8's studded at every intersection with a crystal rose montee and long enough to wear double.. I have not taken it off and I don't intend to any time soon. Thank you Tracy!