Thursday, August 18, 2011

Studio Deep Cleaning

A houseful of beader's will join in for Jean Campbell's Bead Society class being held here on Sunday, so....that always means the studio gets a nice deep clean. Well it should mean that, but it really means that all table surface stuff finds a nook or cranny in the ikea storage cabinets that line the walls. I did however move all the 'decor' and wipe down all surfaces and generally organized and neatened up. It's good to move things around and give them a new vantage point.

For example my Huichol Rooster is now sporting a necklace t hat I did back long long ago, with bellisimo beads and lampwork.

The book shelves are beyond full

so I decided to stack this collection.

I think they look pretty good together! I like owning the whole set. I can't imagine one of them I could do without.

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Terry in Alaska said...

You are right all the Lark Books have a personality all their own ; I m about to order the last 2.