Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sometimes it just takes perspective

And a donut muffin! I didn't have buttermilk on hand, and I left off the melted butter and cinnamon sugar.

Yesterday I was seeking balance and then I remembered to take my own advice. When stress would take over in my corporate life, I would often council to just wait a day. Often things would be experienced differently with nothing much changing except one's perspective.

I woke up craving muffins to go with the beautiful strawberry jam which was part of this weeks Farm Box. Rather then rushing into my day I took some time to put these together. The smell of nutmeg is heavenly and they were an excellent backdrop for the jam. I took my breakfast outside, something I forget to do often enough, and enjoyed the yard we've been busy developing.

The succulents are in bloom, and the sun danced patterns on the yard. The muffin was perfect and now I'm ready to start the day!

Bead and Button proposals are on the agenda. I arrive home from Seattle the day of the deadline and I think that could be a bad day to count on uploading information to the Kalmbach servers, so I'll do my best to finish up today. Tomorrow will be packing which I always think should be easier given the amount of times I do it, but sadly it is still a chore. I dreamt I had forgotten every single sample (sound familiar to anyone?) so I'll be sure to pack the jewelry first.


kate mckinnon said...

I love Farm Boxes.

I am lucky in that Miss Fish pulls me outside to eat my breakfast, or I might forget to do it too. And it is the best way to start a day.

(In places other than Missouri in summer, that is.)

: )

lesliebeads said...

good advice-we should always remember to smell the roses ... and enjoy our breakfast at leisure

you are fortuante to be able to do what you love just remember not to make it a job (we achievers are so prone to do too much) I love your blogs - so impressed with the progress you have made with adobe illustrator!

now just breathe ...ahhhhhhh
enjoy your day :)