Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Towers are up!

Yesterday was the completion of the Bougainville tower project! The bougainvilleas were cut loose of the wide trellis they had been growing on and freed of their pots. The holes were lined with amended soil and the branches were fed up through the towers and tipped into place. We're hoping their growth will be fast now they are in the ground. We can't wait to see their beautiful flowers spill out of the top of these structures.

In a couple of weeks the custom gate should be installed in that opening, adding another artistic dimension. This yard will continue to be on going project as we hope to add citrus trees where the pepper trees were taken out. And then there is maintenance.....I spent my 15 minutes this morning, trimming off dead branches of the pygmy date palms, trimming up the edges of the ground cover and eliminating weeds.

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susanc said...

They look fantastic!