Thursday, August 25, 2011

The yard progresses

And I'm more in more in love....with Mark and the yard. The man can do anything! Ever since seeing the Bougainvillea towers at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, I have wanted them in the yard.

Mark being a man who can figure anything out, made a plan, purchased the reebar, a pipe bender and learned how to weld and now we have towers!

Here he is measuring their placement on either side of the entryway into the yard. The gate has been ordered and will be installed in a few weeks.

Here is a view of the two towers.

They are tall, dwarfing every other feature in the yard, but once the bougainvillea starts growing up through them and cascades over the top they will be drop dead gorgeous. A four year old dream coming to fruition.


Marlene Brady said...

I LOVE watching the progression of your outside space. I didn't know about the "towers" and thank you for sharing.

lesliebeads said...

the bougainvilla are going to fabulous - one of my favorites too! can't wait to see them in place and growing.

kate mckinnon said...

Funny how they don't look as truly HUGE as they are in that photo! I'm excited to see them going into place!

LissC said...

I love those flowers! They are all over my neighborhood, and in my back alley so I pick them for bouquets. I started picking out beads about a year ago to make a jewelry piece based on them. It is slow progress, each little petal, but I hope to finish it by spring. They will be beautiful in your yard!