Friday, August 19, 2011

Outdoor room

We continue the work to make our veranda a welcoming outdoor space. New pots and pygmy date palms add to the tropical feel while closing in the the view and making it more intimate. It is especially cozy in the evening.

Best of all with the wonderful cool temps and gentle breeze we've experienced all summer it is an excellent place to bead!

Which is great, as Jean Campbell arrives today and who knows, there could be some beading involved! After I take her to C level lounge, my favorite on water restaurant in downtown San Diego.

Last night was one of those dreamy states where a fully formed design idea showed up in the night. It's theme will fit nicely with the first book, Beads in Motion and I'm anxious to get it down on paper as one of the many conceptual designs I've already drawn. There is a fleeting memory of an earring as well,however I did not do the prudent thing and get up out of bed to capture it's outlines, ah well, I'm grateful for the one that continues to occupy my mind.

Strange that dream state that results in designs. I'm always thankful for it and interested to see if it beads up according to my dreamy vision. I'll keep you posted, although it's fairly far down the list of things requiring beading at the moment, it may just make the top of the list, who knows.

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