Saturday, September 10, 2011

Back in Seattle

Waiting for our flight to take us home to our little Miss Maya and our relaxing veranda.

I believe I have lost track if reality a today I pondered what was in my schedule for the next couple of weeks. I need to regroup and prioritize. It's time to get the book started which means picking colors, setting up my adobe workspace and beginning to bead and illustrate. But lest I leave the glow of our latest adventure to soon let me share our last day of Alaskan cruising.

Thursday night we made our way from Ketchikan back to Victoria by way of the ocean (as opposed to the more protected waters we'd been in) This meant I got to enjoy a lovely rocking sleep. I've got Mark thinking and he dreamt of a way to create that gentle sway in our bed at home.

Friday we enjoyed out last day of beading together

Anne, Marcia, Fae and JoEllen standing,
Carole, Kathy, Marlene and Maxie in front.

Look closely and you will see Anne, Kathy and Maxie wearing their Dancing Light. The others were minutes away from finishing as well. It was wonderful to see this piece come to life during the Span of the cruise.

This one's for Liz who loves Moose, this was the best we could do at the Totem Park gift shop and museum

We arrived in Victoria in time for Mark's birthday dinner which we enjoyed at the Ferris oyster Bar in downtown Victoria (if you go we enjoyed the upstairs) The ambiance was perfect, the oysters may be the best I've ever eaten and that's saying a lot. Mark was in sparkling good humor as we held hands and enjoyed being together. We strolled back to the boat through the lights of Victoria

It's been an excellent trip made more so by the wonderful beader's that I shared my time with and my dear husband, whose company I always enjoy.

Happy Birthday To my favorite travel partner!

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Terry in Alaska said...

Happy Birthday to Mark who is enjoying one of my favorite beers-Alaskan IPA. Cheers! Glad you both enjoyed your cruise.

The bad Liz said...

Aww, a Moose for me!! Thanks so much for amusing me!!

Marcia DeCoster said...

Glad you liked it Liz