Saturday, September 24, 2011


Man I've had an excellent day. There were 11 very knowledgeable beaders there to learn Rings of Saturn. This is a classic design that I've taught for the last ten years, but beads and skills evolve and today Carmen closed her ring with light gold metallic 2 mm crystals with an excellent result (that I would totally share if I had photographed it, tomorrow).

The class is held in the light bright classroom of Fibers in Motion, owned by the very talented and inspiring LuAnn, who was delightful.

Cherie insist she is not photogenic but I think this picture of her is darn cute, look at those dimples. She is wearing her twilight from the book and the dark Greys and crystal look beautiful together.

After class Luann recommended that I would enjoy Switch and she was so right. I immediately bonded with all the gals there and discovered Wendy.

After a bit of discussion Wendy told me her friend also beaded. I asked her friends name....Fran Stone, who I just happen to know, such a small world as the saying goes. The green boots? Totally had to have them, handmade and so comfortable. My new friend Wendy owns a pair too, too bad we didn't get that photo op, but the sandals she did have on were amazing.

I thoroughly enjoyed a sushi dinner and now it's time for a little beading.

Tomorrow is day two of Rings of Saturn and I can't wait.

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The bad Liz said...

So what did you buy at Switch? I need to get hand me downs from you. After I loose weight.