Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dream Keeper Vessel Ring

I'm excited about this design....can you tell! The dream keeper vessel ring which has a shrink plastic personalized dream inside. But really I think it might also be called the bff ring, as it can so easily be both personalized and gifted.

This one is destined for one of my bff's, and there have been a few before this one and more to follow. It's really doable, a great place to mix up and test out color combinations and it's pretty darn wearable. Two together are even better.

The colors in this one are personal, having been inspired by an outfit that Tracy Stanley wore on our last Seattle visit.

She was all pretty in white and sparkly grey with a small white Coach purse....oh yeah this one is Tracy's, mailed off today.

Susan has a similar coloration, unlike Janice's which is all turquoise and gold.

I debuted the class at the Beading Frenzy and I'll be teaching it in Germany this year and again at Lisa's City Beads in December and then who knows, maybe a kit. Do you have a BFF or several who would love this ring? I know I have quite a few more to make!


Helen said...

Love the ring, love the BFF idea.
A kit is a great idea!! I'm first on the list for one please!

lynsey said...

These are such a wonderful idea Marcia. I have to say I particularly like it in this colour combination

Hélène said...

Oh, yes, I agree, I would love a kit too! I love this ring and dream to make it ;-)

Perlenträumerei said...

Ich liebe auch diesen Ring.
Ich habe ihn von der kleinen Anleitung und Bild nachgearbeitet.
Ich würde gerne meinen Ring zeigen, ich weiß nicht wie.
LG Bärbel