Friday, September 30, 2011

Bead Dreams

Do you do that? Dream of beads, of patterns, of thread paths. I know I do. I'm putting together a necklace for the new book and the thread path didn't work out easily. After a nights sleep where my mind went to work on the problem, I woke up with the answer. I remember clearly thinking through how it would work, and it did, just the way I dreamed it.

Occasionally an entire piece shows up designed, but not as often lately and I think I know the reason. I am not allowing the time to expose myself to creative outlets. I am moving from one engagement to the next, packing, unpacking, sorting out things at home, paying bills, shipping ringlet kits, the things one must do to keep everything moving along.

I hope our visit to Holland and a wander around it's canals and cobblestone streets and into the museums and shops (a Dutch shop is called a winkel which I find quite whimsical, a beadstore is a kralen winkel) will do the trick to energize my creative needs.

This is the Droste factory down the street from where we lived in Haarlem. On the morning the factory was making chocolate it smelled like a huge chocolate cake was baking.

This beautiful canal is actually in Brugge, one of our many outings while living there

And this is the Grote Markt which happened every Saturday morning in the main town square just a few blocks from our home. The largest bouquet of flowers you could imagine was $5 euros. We took turns picking the weekly flowers, sometimes my taste and sometimes Mark's but we always had a fresh bouquet.

The trip to Holland will be followed by a trip to Bonn and the store of Petra Tismer, Das Perlament, where I will re-unite with my German friends from Bead and Button while teaching for 4 days. I will also be meeting with Perlen Poesie the German beading magazine....there will be an article involved....


Bizzy B said...

I've been day dreaming about Amsterdam lately. I love the canal area. My last trip there was during the fall season & all the leaves on the trees lining the canals were a golden yellow, so beautiful. I hope your getaway is everything you want,

Rebecca said...

I often dream about beadwork - usually visions of completed pieces.

Anonymous said...

I meditate before I sleep...even if it's just for a couple minutes. I find that I often wake up w/beading ideas.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marcia
You lived in Belgium !! Waouh, I wish I knew you at the time, I would have attended all your classes. I love Brugge and I always take family and friends there when they're visiting Belgium.
Enjoy your trips to Holland and Germany,

Marcia DeCoster said...

Ingrid, I actually lived in Holland, but I visited Brugge. We stayed at Nummer alf which was a charming bed and breakfast. We also visited Antwerp, Brussels and Gent often. It's a beautiful country.

Marlies said...

First time I saw that you had lived in the Netherlands I immediately recognized on a photo you placed of a snowy street with bicycles. Nice to hear that you still know dutch words and that you liked living in our great country. I hope you enjoy your trip to Bonn(beautiful store, Das Perlament) and the Netherlands.