Wednesday, September 7, 2011


It turns out the trip we made to avoid a Pacific storm was one of the most picturesque days. As we sat and beaded in the beautiful room with huge windows, we were treated to a spectacular show. The ship made it's way into Tracy Arms and into a very narrow fjord with sheer rock cliff on either side of the water passage. Beautiful waterfalls abounded and large pieces of very blue glacier floated by. A visual treat every few moments and just exactly what I had hoped to experience.

In the afternoon I took a relaxing hottub followed by a bathrobed session of beading in the cozy room and each glance up from the beads brought another picture perfect glimpse of nature.

During the night we ventured back out into the Pacific Ocean and the boat fell into a gentle rocking motion which made for a very nice evening of sleep.

The sun came out for our short trip into the town of Sitka and the mid 60 temps made for a shirt sleeved day as we strolled around the shops.

And now, it's back to the beads as I am midway into the En Pointe bracelet version. I have an idea to make it double layered and fully reversible.....we'll see.

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