Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The writing of a book

I've begun in earnest, moving from the conceptual to the actual process of beginning a book. And here are the two books that travel everywhere with me.

The colorful notebook is the planner. I'm a project manager at heart having had that role often in my corporate career. The notebook has a calendar of all my engagements, teaching and personal, and then I slot in the days for kitting, for beading and for illustrating around the travel days. I try to fit in some days for play as well. It also contains my correspondence, my annual kit requirements, show applications and any call for entry information that might interest me.

The black reporter's style mole notebook has blank pages rather then lined which I find easier to sketch on. I don't sketch pieces in detail, just enough to get a sense of the design and some notes about what beads to use. This one is designated for Beads in Motion. All the palettes are listed and there are a number of conceptual designs already planned out. I'll use it to make notes while I'm stitching and list things that need to be ordered. In fact yesterday I ordered size 15, 11 and 8 in each of the 4 color palettes I selected.

This one is tentatively called Forest so that I have a reference, it's alternatively called palette three.

Tabac, olivine, golden shadow, jet nut and a touch of jet.

Now it's time to order some crystal before my birthday lunch begins. No, it is not my birthday, in fact it's not even my birthday month, but I won't be here next Tuesday and the Tuesday after I leave for Europe and the Tuesday after I'll be in Europe. Tuesday is designated five girls get together and birthday lunch day, so I get to celebrate mine early. No doubt I will celebrate again, maybe a few times.

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Cyn ~ The Wingedneedle said...

Forest aka palette three is a definite winner in my book!! So look forward to seeing what it grows up to be!!!