Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Before photos

I thought it only fair to show you the mess, the real mess that happens behind closed doors. The unproductive mess that unsettles me every time I need to retrieve something from the mess,

and the mess that collects on table tops as I come and go on my travels.

For starters the table was cleaned off, unassembled and moved to the garage, to be sold on Craig's list at some time when I'm home long enough.

Boxes are being assembled and labeled with the contents of the messy closet. Hopefully this is a good plan. The closet contains less often used craft supplies. So far a lot of thread, some vintage hiroshima beads and all of the shrink plastic, rubber stamp, colored pencil type supplies have been stored.

This is a funny time to be doing this, as Lori Pyler of Waterstone jewelry does a weekly Studio Feature and this week she featured mine! And made it look like the beautiful space it long as you don't open the closet. However I know the changes we are making will improve the space that much more. Now go have a look at Lori's blogpost to see the better side of my studio. And stay tuned for photos when we complete the latest 'remodel'.

Thank you Lori for sharing my space so beautifully.


kate mckinnon said...

Oh! I squealed when I saw my book up front and center in your bookcase. That is just so sweet. What an HONOUR!

Marcia DeCoster said...

Of course Kate, besides being a favorite, it has my all time ring in it!