Thursday, September 29, 2011

Back in the Studio

You may recall the day before leaving for Portland I decided to make some significant studio changes. While that might have been ill advised, it was nice to return home to the new cabinets and organized closet.

I replaced a table that had a tendency to accumulate mess

with these storage cabinets. More room is always welcome and I will be organizing and putting away all the various messes which now adorn the surfaces of the studio.

I neatened up the contents of the closet,

placing things in the labeled boxes. There is a somewhat loose relationship of the contents, but with good labeling I should be able to find the less used supplies like adhesives, rubber stamps and the like.

The boxes on top of the cabinets are there temporarily. I have been collecting beads to go with the four color palette's I've selected for the next book.

Here are two of them, one with goldy metallics and a hint of reds and oranges

and the next all pearlescent and crystally sparkliness with a hint of white alabaster and chrysolite, although I may have to add some erinite and peridot.

I still have a fair amount of studio work to do, to restore the studio to the zen like order that I prefer. And only a very few days to do it in so I will be getting busy.

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