Thursday, September 8, 2011


Just a quick post as we leave Ketchikan with an ocean sail to Victoria British Columbia.

The day was rainy but we managed a tour of the totem pole park which was wonderfully worthwhile.

I loved the colors and the stories surrounding each of the poles.

The rest of the group traveled off to the Point where they visited a bead and yarn store And I was sorry to miss out on that. But since Mark agreed to travel with me this trip I left the free day planning up to him.

I'll meet up with everyone in our bead room shortly and see all the wonderful things they purchased.

I'll leave you with a photo of leaving Sitka yesterday, so majestic.

Tomorrow night we'll celebrate Mark's birthday in Victoria and then we arrive into Seattle and fly home, always sweet no matter how good a trip is.

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Arlenesfelt said...

That Eagle pole was always a favorite of mine. Look forward to hearing the details.

LoriF said...

Not sure if this is a first trip to Victoria for you...but enjoy! It's beautiful! Oh, and if you could...would you wave at my kids as you pass Gabriola Is. and tell them it's time to call Mom? :)