Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Yard Update

I've been remiss....last Thursday our semi-custom gate was installed. Semi because we got to pick the decorative panel, one side or two (we picked two) left or right handle, solid or perforated door panel (we picked solid) and sized to your opening. What we couldn't pick was the color of the interior panel which is black. We would have liked the same hammered grey as the railings and other grey yard accents, but black is what we got. With a lot of effort, it could be changed, but I'm thinking I will get used to it before a lot of effort is expended.

The first shot shows a peek through the plants of the veranda

and the second shows a little more of the decorative nature of it.

I find the big decisions very difficult, will I like it when it's complete? It is something about scale and permanence. Beadwork I can tear out, not a huge loss....Honey I don't really like that gate.....not really good, so it intimidates me. But all in all I am happy with this addition to the yard and especially happy with the privacy it affords.

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