Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Sitka was a lazy day for me, a leisurely stroll through the downtown, an Alaskan White beer

and back to the boat for lunch and an afternoon of beading.

The harbor we anchored in is gorgeous and more so because of the streaming sunshine, beautiful puffy white clouds and warm temperatures.

I especially love this Ansel Adam like shot showing layer upon layer of mountains receding into the haze (not to compare myself to that level of photographic expertise certainly but one does get the feeling of the depth)

The natural beauty here continues to astound me, so much out of my normal realm of experiences.

This one's for you Sandy....a nice sign in Sitka

The afternoon has been productive with half the bracelet completed if it remains a single layer and one quarter if it becomes the reversible cuff I am envisioning. The yellowy green gold, deep raspberry and dorado is a beautiful color combination.

We've just pulled out of port so no Internet soon....

I'll report tomorrow from Ketchikan!


Arlenesfelt said...

Can't wait!

Arlenesfelt said...

Take pics of the water front. Haven't seen it in years and I know it has changed a lot.