Monday, September 19, 2011

A is for Abacus

The very fitting name of Cynthia's second blogpost on her Adventures in Beaded Opulence blog. I have to agree with Cynthia, I love this cuff, the fluidity of the right angle weave fabric and the relaxed drape as it hugs your wrist make it worth every bit of beading.

My friend Gabriella is in the process of one now with a labradorite gemstone chip in place of the 'squarelettes' During her visit we found the perfect purple haze briolettes for the closure.

A bit of back story on Abacus. The book was ready to be turned in and one of the 24 projects being submitted was a business card case. Lark wanted to position the book as a jewelry book so they advised against having a non jewelry project. The business card case in process was size 11 one cuts with a matte size 15 as the contrasting bead. It was laying on the work table and next to it just happened to be the hot pink squares......I decided with just a bit more beading it could be come a cuff, and there you have it, the rest of the story.

I had so much fun reading Cynthia's latest blogpost as it showcases her ever present humor. It is going to be great fun watching this unfold!


LUCY said...

Precioso, bellisimo.....

T=MC2 said...

Don't suppose you'd be willing to share the pattern for the business card case? Mine fell to pieces last week and is currently being held together with gaffer tape. I'd love to make a new one, instead of laying out for something from a shop!