Monday, January 31, 2011


Completed for the trip to Tucson....I love the fabric of right angle weave and with these gold lined beads it's a perfect backdrop for the beaded diamond center. The ring on the left can be worn with or without the collar and the collar can be reversed to show the unembellished side or facing up with the pretty blue pacific opal crystals.

I love when a piece of jewelry has options. I awoke to that dreamy state when designs sometimes present themselves. I have an idea for a bracelet with multiple focal centers which can be changed out depending on mood, occasion or color needs. I'll need to capture it in sketch since there won't be time to bead it in the near future.

I keep a little black mole notebook handy for design inspirations. I've had three this week, all pretty fully formed, two which fit nicely into the theme of the books I'm considering.

But for now it's Tucson preparation day. I'll head out tomorrow morning. A weather check shows lows of high 20's and highs of 50 so I have to have a wardrobe adjustment, I was expecting warm.


kate mckinnon said...


I like your idea of changeable focals; I live for Transformers.

We meant to keep Tucson warm for you- I was shocked to wake up to find it was colder this morning than it was last night. Boo!

Bead-Mused said...

Marcia, those are just drop dead gorgeous from the palette to the shapes. I seriously covet them! Have a great trip!

RitaJC said...

Beautiful bead works!

Have fun in Tucson!

Mikki said...

Gorgeous set! Love interchangeables, I am all about transformers *she says with a big secretive grin*

Katie said...

Gorgeous! I even love the muted colors, and I'm not always into a palette as muted as that...I love the ribbon on the necklace, too!

And, I think we're all surprised by the weather - when I come to work tomorrow, it will be in the 60s, and it will be in the 40s (or lower) by the time I leave tomorrow! I'm sure you have some lovely, warm (black) outfits to pack! :o)

And Mikki...I caught your Transformer comment :o)Silly Lady!

Pelantura said...

Es una preciosisdad de conjunto, enhorabuena!!!!