Thursday, January 13, 2011

My very cool backpack

My friend Val is a master at the new upcycle trend, using cast off wool sweaters to create beautiful clothes, pillow, purses and more! This is her 'transportation' backpack and it's mine.

Val does everything beautifully, paying attention to every last detail and her color sense and combination of patterns is brilliant.

Even the inside is finished exquisitely.

It has the requisite, for me, outside pockets, one on each side (keys and cellphone) and a large one in the front (boarding pass)making it excellent for travel.

For local folks (San Diego) Val has a presence at
Austins Art Gallery in Coronado and will be doing the Talmadge art show in February.


Phyrra said...


Valerie said...

Thanks for posting, Marcia! I'm thrilled to see the wonderful backpack on your blog, but even more- on YOU!!
x, Val

TUTU Monkey said...

Val is an AMAZING artist....I LOVE you bag!! enjoy your trip!!!