Thursday, January 6, 2011


Update: Despite the fact that I shared I used to be the Director of Information Technology in another life time....I neglected to think about using my bluetooth apple wireless keyboard with my iphone 4. Works like a charm, thanks Katie! Now I can make short work of entering the items into the item list, once I alphabetize them that is....word, table, sort....

I like the little bits of technology that make life simpler, or more complex depending on how one looks at things.

Most recently (after visiting Ms Rachel) I determined that a Wacom was in my near future. A professional pen tablet that can be used for drawing, and many other tasks usually done with a mouse. You see, I just might be getting ready to write again and all that thread path will definitely benefit from a pen tablet.

And then next up was a new credit card solution. During my Australia trip I failed to realize that 220 power would not be good for my transformer. But it was time anyway to have a more compact and inexpensive solution. Since my iphone is a constant companion, an iphone card reader seemed to fit the bill. It arrived yesterday and certainly at first glance is going to do the job nicely. I can even enter a list of items I sell, select them, charge them and send an email or text receipt. What I can't do is enter the items on a real keyboard and synch them and I can't alphabetize them which would be handy....but in general I think it's going to be a good solution.

So yes all this technology is a good thing, but occassionally the learning curve gets a tad overwhelming.....between software, hardware, and the overwhelming number of logins and passwords it's a lot to keep up with. Excuse me while I go download my google checkout account for December, how do I do that now?

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Glad I could be of service! :o)