Sunday, January 30, 2011

Morning Walks

It's been an excellent weekend. Friday was an exceptional weather day, 75 with a gentle breeze. I was fortunate to have dinner with Stacy Creamer and Jeannette Cook. I first met Stacy at a Bead and Button and last year got to know her even better when she took my Crystal Collage class. We keep up on facebook and determined she was traveling to San Diego for an annual writers conference she attends. It was a huge pleasure to spend some time with her. She is an accomplished athlete recently winning the duathelete of the year. Truly amazing to me, and inspiring. Not that I have dreams of becoming an athlete of that caliber ever, but Stacy, being Stacy is modest and gracious and encourages my walking, which is nice.

Yesterday started with a walk on Dog Beach in Coronado followed by a day of beading on the Veranda. I'm making an ensemble for one of the Tucson parties. I'm wearing this

along with coordinating (not matching) earrings, bracelet and ring. I'll have to sort out the clothes next, who knows, maybe black? The ring is on the schedule for today, along with a pair of earrings to go with this (another party)

Today's walk was at Lake Murray

I've also picked up the Kiri lace mohair shawl started in July and found it to be within just a few repeats of being done. My goal is to have it to wear for the Bead Cruise in March. It's a nice aqua which will look lovely for a Carribean cruise.


Charlene said...

The bright necklace is insane-crazy-gorgeous! Are those beads *bottles*? Perfect for a party...

Terry in Alaska said...

I want to know how those beads are held inside the ringlets on the orange nacklace! This shows me something else I can do with my ringlets.

Marcia DeCoster said...

Terry, Kate McKinnon made me metal clay disks with post. The ringlet is sandwiched between the disk and the glass which has a hole in it and is epoxy'd onto the post