Monday, January 17, 2011

Knitting more love

Knitting has always been love to me. I think everything I've ever knitted has love woven through every stitch.

I made a similar hat weeks ago from the Blue Sky Alpaca simple baby hat pattern.

But I got it into my head to change it up by adding these purl ribs using the prettiest of pale aqua ribbons with a glint of silver.

Then I added an i-cord top knot. Could it be any cuter?

Our soon to be born grandbaby has knitted things through 12 months old, so I'm turning my attention to Mark with a very soft blue sky alpaca knitted into a v-neck sweater vest with stripes. He's pretty much a sweater vest kind of guy so I think it's going to be excellent. A very classic knit out of the most wonderful yarn, it's going to be a dream to work on.

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