Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Presenting the Aurelia Necklace

I've told the story before about how I was fortunate to meet 'the Bad Liz' who has been keeping me sane at Bead and Button for years, lending her calm proficiency during set up, and her expert bead techniques in the classroom.

One of the things we do, is to have Liz bead each of the new designs for that year, so that she is fully up to speed for assisting in the classroom. Aurelia was first up for this year. Her email subject line said 'I just cant.....' and the body of the email continued 'follow directions', so Liz, it made me laugh.

But I'm so glad she can't. It's really nice to take a design and mix it up. The Aurelia bracelet became the Aurelia necklace.

Stunning don't you think?

And a first this year, we will teach Under the Mast II together! Bead and Button Show, Tuesday June 7th. Registration starts January 13th.

I'm also lucky enough to have her assist me for Under the Mast at the Great Lakes Bead Guild in February ( so sorry that class is already full) and I'll see her yet again on the BeadCruise. This time I get to meet Alan as well!


Unknown said...

She showed me the finished necklace last night. Beautiful, as all of her work is.

Anonymous said...

That is so totally Liz! I for one can't wait for Bead Daze and hope I made it into Under The Mast!