Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm off to New York City!

Three days of Vogue Knitting Live, in Manhattan.

Being an East Coast girl (born and raised in Massachusetts), I'm over the moon that there is a prediction for snow on Friday. The perfect scenario, I fly today into partly cloudy, it snows on Friday while I'm all cozily ensconced in knitting classes at the Hilton hotel in SoHo. I wander about in the falling snow after class and by Monday it clears up for my flight home!

I'm a happy girl.


LissC said...

Awe....I hope you have a snow filled weekend, and that it clears by Monday for your travels home. I'm from Mich but I only go home in summer if I can help it as I never miss snow or the cold.

Happy Travels!

Lavinia said...

I love the fact that - as amazing a beader you are - it isn't the only craft in which you indulge. As a long-time needleworker and fledgling quilter, as well as an enthusiastic beader, I find it hard sometimes to make time for all the things I want to, well, make. You're a great role model. :)

SallyAnderson said...

Hi Marcia -- I have just spent a very long time on a Hungarian blog that reminded me so much of your work I just had to tell you about her. I don't speak Hungarian but there are hundreds of beautiful photos. She does amazing work, like you. Gorgeous stuff!

I'm envious of you at VKL -- I love knitting, too, and would love to see The Yarn Harlot in person! I'm from NY and miss it (except I don't miss the snow).

Have a great time.
Sally Anderson