Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sherry Serafini rocks

You probably already know that, but this Lark interview introduces Sherry as the Rockstar of beading and it's so true. Her designs come together so beautifully her coloration and design flow appear effortless. Not to say that they are, lots of hours go into creating these beautiful pieces, but the outcome is always so pleasing and soothing to the eye that I think it is just a natural extension of Sherry's artistic sense that creates such incredible beadwork.

I've been incredibly fortunate to have met Sherry, teaching at the same venue in Lake Tahoe and again coming up at the Great Lakes Bead Guild. She is a true treasure to the beadworld and I am pleased to call her my friend.

You will definitely want to add her new book to your 'Sherry Serafini's Sensation Bead Embroidery' to your collection. I've seen it, and it is not to be missed!


Sheeprustler said...

She is one of the major influences in my work! Her stuffr blows me away :)

The bad Liz said...

I can't wait to learn a little more about her techniques through the book and her classes in Detroit...