Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lazy Blogging?

Well perhaps, but I had wanted to tell you ab out how excited we are that Beading by the Bay is almost full, and then I read Susan's Blog and well, she said it best, so here you go!

Yep, one more day to be entered into a drawing for all three of your kits free. With a maximum of 48 spaces, that is a one in 48 chance of it being you! Pretty good odds.

And while we're on the topic of Susan's blog, here is where she calls me her bff (Mark actuallly asked what that means, sometimes I wonder.....) and shows off her stunning version of Serena.

Which leads me to 'What the heck wonderful new thing am I going to where in Tucson?' I totally want to make this bracelet now, but really is that practical? I've been sick for two weeks, the kind of sick where very little work got done and now I'm playing catch up for three large engagements in February and March. I'm going to Manhattan for a 3 day vacation and 2 days of travel, and I'm going to Tucson......But really I want a new piece of fabulous beadwork.....hhhmmmm......


Katie said...

Hopefully you're feeling well enough that you can whip out something fabulous for Tucson :o) I know that, when you're at 100%, I can be amazed at what you post sometimes - always fabulous and always something you whipped up when you were "just playing" with beads :o)

And I LOVE the necklace for the Bead Cruise - I forget the name of it, but I love the cute simplicity of it and it's such a neat way to show off some of the awesome dagger beads that are out there!

I hope you're feeling better! Especially since you've got some fun time coming up :o)

Terry in Alaska said...

Always find time to bead!!