Saturday, December 31, 2011

Amazing weather

Which worries me, quite a is that? Well it's predicted to be clear and 79 tomorrow and the next day and the day after 74, beautiful yes. Well for some of us, we have been through this before, I prefer a little more seasonably appropriate weather. But the real reason is my East Coast friend who will come for a visit. I feel duty bound to provide some California sunshine (I do understand that it is not within my control) to be able to sit on the veranda, enjoy the beach, you know California things.

The last time she visited there was an epic storm, one like we seldom see, thunder, lightening, huge wind gusts, cold pouring rain and even hail.

So I am hoping that the weather will hold for next weeks visit and we'll frolic in the sunshine. Frolic, now there is a good word, I could use some more frolic in my life right now.

The computer has been my constant companion and I continue to learn Adobe Illustrator, each new project bringing with it a new learning challenge. I swear I won't design simpler projects with the thought of simpler illustrations challenges, but it is tempting....

I did draw this anodized aluminum jumping yesterday

Using 3 d even, I like it.

I put my sneakers on for the morning walk before the blog writing and Maya sits at my feet whining, her way of saying let's get going, so I'm off! See you all next year!


Tycialk said...

Happy New Year

LUCY said...

Feliz Año 2012.....Saludos

LissC said...

great lightening pic... i love a good storm. We don't get them here in AZ like we did back in Michigan. Used to love watching storms come in over the lake.

Illustrator is fun. I haven't used it in years, but I used to really enjoy it.

Hope you have a wonderful new year!!