Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Baby time

Grandma and Grandpa had some serious baby time yesterday as we watched Malayna while her parents worked. What a special treat that was.

Nothing like a baby to bring lots of smiles as they experience the wonder of learning. Yesterday she spent time holding grandmas hands and moving them together to make them clap. From there we progressed to the word clap and then to her excitedly clapping her own hands together.

we read stories, we sang, we giggled, and cuddled, it was a pretty good day.

I've been walking along the ocean every day, proving to myself that 5 miles is not unachievable as I thought, thanks to Rachel, I stretched my distance and today was 5.49. I will be tasked with finding some pretty spots at home. The crashing waves and rocky coastline in Northern California are so beautiful, walking here is easy.


lynsey said...

oh Marcia, she is totally gorgeous.
I can imagine walking is alot easier when you have something pretty to look at, perhaps this is where i've been going wrong.

Ingrid said...

So cute, you just wanna hold her and cuddle her, kind regards,