Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Big walks

I've been walking...a lot. You see my friend Rachel has been posting her walking achievements, 5, 5.5 and 6 mile walks. I had convinced myself that 3 was really the walk I could do, and then, walking with Rachel, on the most beautiful walk in the world, West Cliff Santa Cruz, I walked 5 miles!

And then on our second walk, I asked to go further, not a lot further, but further, and we did 5.4 that day .....I could probably do 6.

This morning Mark and I did a Capitola walk, 3.8 miles to be exact. I'm using the free ap, 'map my walk' which saves the history for me.

Already our Santa Cruz week is coming to an end. We visited with baby Malayna once more and had a family dinner with our son at a family favorite spot, the Crows Nest.

We'll enjoy a last ocean walk on East Cliff tomorrow, before packing and heading to our San Diego home.

I get to come back in March for Beading by the Bay, but for now it will be all book, all the time...

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Ingrid said...

Hi Marcia,
Congratulations on the walks !
From your posts I think you had a very good time this week, too bad it has to end.
Have a safe trip back home,