Friday, December 30, 2011


Yesterday I posted that my outing included a trip to retrieve a second candlestick, as in 'we've decided we need two ...'. Can't get away with anything here, as Kate so rightly points out that it was entirely unlikely that 'we' decided that. Knowing Mark she knows his tendency towards minimalism and lack of cluttery stuff.

However he was enamored with this candlestick I bought him for Christmas.

The conversation went a little more like, 'you know there were two but I couldn't decide if we really needed two, but if the second one were still there, it might look nice to have two, don't you think' to which he probably said 'uh huh' which I took to mean yes and not no, and so off I went and yes! The second one was still available and now there are two.

They look beautiful on either side of this glass wall sconce and at night when lit, they highlight the glass beautifully. I'm sure they will also grace the dining room, and the top of the bar....I like to move my minimal things around and enjoy them in different vantage points.

And while we are on yesterday's post, where I unfairly said Susan wouldn't give me her brand new shawl....It was said in jest of course, although had she been willing to part with it, well, I would have been hard pressed to say no. But truly Susan is kind and generous beyond measure. I enjoyed a small interrupt to the drawing of beads to visit the Grove and purchase some of the beautiful wool to make my own owl shawl which I cast on last night. The yarn Zauberwolle has subtle changes of color throughout and it is a pleasure to work on. The first 2/3 is garter stitch with an increase each end, mindless knitting, the kind I can do without thinking, the kind I need right now. Then there are 20 rows of owl making which involves a few cables, some purling and the placement of beads for eyes.

Susan gifted me these paperwhites, which have started to bloom just in time for New Years.

This is a bowl of glittery ornaments, bowl by Annie Glass (you can't see much bowl, but it is one of my favorites), just the perfect small touches to create a bit of festiveness.

and now back to the business of making the house clean, buying a lovely dinner for tomorrow night ,when Mark and I will quietly observe the New Year.....or fall asleep, we'll see.


Gabri said...

I see why you needed 2.

Peikkonen said...

Love the candle sticks, and I think my BF would like them, too :)

Sally Anderson said...

I love those snowflakes in the glass bowl. Did you make them? Are directions available? Thanks!

Marcia DeCoster said...

No Sally they were purchased at a Christmas store.