Saturday, December 24, 2011

The year of the owl

It seems like owls are everywhere, or perhaps it is that I am noticing them more. Susan started it all with the gift of little hoot to keep me company when I traveled. Hoots first outing was to Australia last year and he's been well traveled since.

Here is Susan, prolific knitter in her owl themed shawlette. Susan is the fast knitter among us, creating this whimsical neck scarf in a day or two. I see one in my future, although it may need to wait awhile.

Here is the current gang, gifted from all over the world. The lovely and talented Sian from England made me the crystal owl scissor fob which I adore.

I'm off for a long walk today, on Coronado island. There is sandy beach with the iconic Hotel Del Coronado, and the end of the walk is dog beach where Maya can romp leash less, a nice treat for her.

We've had our family Christmas and last evening I had a beautiful time with dear friends. I'll most likely bead, followed by some cookie baking and a quiet Christmas Eve dinner with Mark. The house is clean and beautiful and candlelit and although it will be in the seventies today, the evening will have a bit of chill and the early darkness will make things cozy.

I miss the days of traveling to Minnesota with all of our kids to Mark's family home, and all of his brothers and sisters and their kids. There was always tomato aspic 'for Markie' his brothers and sisters teased, and schnecken, also 'for Markie' and oysters rocker feller. Mark's family home was on White Bear Lake and we would sometimes skate, or sled, or cross country ski. I have fond memories of those times. But I am happy to be creating new memories traveling to Santa Cruz, spending time with grand baby Malayna and grand daughter Sam, walking on the beach, visiting with family and friends. It is so nice to take the time to appreciate the special people in our lives.

May your holidays be spent with people you love appreciating life's blessings.


Gabri said...

We have been cooking and eating and cooking again.
Having a good time with good friends. All I wanted for Christmas. :)))
Have a nice evening!

Jamie Lubin said...

So glad to hear about your wonderful Christmas...after another day of baking and cooking here I sit making yet another spinner ring to give a friends' daughter tomorrow. I was told that this would be much appreciated because dear Lauren has had a lot of medical issues since she was a baby and all the meds that she is on wrecks havoc with her, I will size it after she opens it. Marcia, I so love this design...and I get so many compliments on my fabulous rings....which I wear everyday! thanks....

Marcia DeCoster said...

Glad to hear it Jamie and it a rather quick bead.....check your email to see if you mail from me....

Marcia DeCoster said...

Glad to hear ou're having a nice time eating rum balls Gabriella!