Friday, December 23, 2011

Snowing in Santa Cruz?

No, not really, but tonight it will be cold enough to. If there were precipitation in the forecast it would snow, since the predicted low is 26 degrees. Yikes that is cold.

We're back in Southern California where the predicted low is a balmy 39.

I was excited to show you a new ocean picture from our trip, but photo stream appears to have stopped working, which means a trouble shooting session is in order, sigh. It was magical while it worked, but for inexplicable reasons it has stopped working so my photos imported from the iPad or taken on my phone did not magically appear on the iMac as expected.

I'm unpacking crystal at the moment and I must say that a 6 mm rose montee in silver night is amazing and I can't wait to think up a way to use them!

There would be pictures, but I feel a bit on overwhelm as I often do during the re-entry phase. The house needed cleaning, the car needs unpacking, sheets need washing, groceries need getting, gardens need weeding, trash needs emptying and there is shipping to be done. And for those lucky blog winners, don't despair today or tomorrow you will be receiving your directions.

Tomorrow with re-entry complete and a day of relaxation (and walking) planned, I'll find some pictures for you!


Ingrid said...

Silver night ooooohhhhh one of my favorite SW shade, can't wait to see what you'll do with it !
Thanks for the update and may the force be with you for all that cleaning, unpacking, etc.:o)

Jamie Lubin said...

Marcia....glad you and Mark are home safely and you are unpacking....crystal...hope you have a wonderful holiday!
By the way, when you get a chance....can you let me know about those drops...Thanks!

Tia Dalma said...

I am currently working on a bracelet for my sister using lots of tiny Crystal Silver Night bicones and I just love that color! It's so dark and sparkley!

I'm glad you had a wonderful time with your family...and at least you got to come home to a bunch of Crystals and not just all the cleaning and unpacking!

It's too bad it's not really snowing though! That would be perfect for Christmas...but we don't have any on the East Coast yet either!

And thank you so much for sending out the Dream Vessel Ring instructions today! I can't wait to have some time to make will be going to a beautiful friend who absolutely deserves a beautiful ring like this!

Merry Christmas!

Marcia DeCoster said...

Hey Jamie, I sent you email, which you apparently did not get. I'll try again....but yes, you can have drops! In face email me an address and I'll tuck them in the mail.