Saturday, December 3, 2011

Where have I been

I have visited you most days this week with what admittedly have been short posts....although Baby Love speaks volumes.

But my focus has been on illustration, back to the learning curve. My last big illustrator push was in early September, getting ready for Dancing Light in Alaska and the Dream Keeper Vessel ring in Germany. And I was feeling pretty good about my progress, and then I returned my focus to the actual beads, beading up the first six projects for my next book.

So with trepidation I opened up Adobe Illustrator wondering how much I would remember. Well it hasn't been easy....things I was sure I could never forget had gotten rusty, my notes were more cryptic than I hoped for and I felt the panic. But I am fortunate to have many willing to help, and after a few false starts I drew this

I know, doesn't look like much, but I created all the beads, shaded them, sized the, turned them into symbols, drew cross hairs, rotated them and used the pen tool to add the thread path.

This is one of about 16 drawings I will use to illustrate Swing Dance, an earring project. So until December 31st, where would I be without deadlines, every waking moment will be spent getting intimate with Illustrator.

Well with the exception of our annual trip to Santa Cruz for some Baby Love and family love! And of course some time telling you about the blog hop...which with all things going perfectly will start on Monday.....but don't hold me to it, there is some coordination that still needs to occur.


Anonymous said...

wery nice!!

Anonymous said...

wery nice!!

Parudy said...

WOW! what perfection & patience you have to create the bead pattern illustrations! I can't wait for your new book to be available.

Peikkonen said...

It does look like much, for someone who has tried but doesn't have the patience to learn it :)