Sunday, May 17, 2009


It occurred to me to write about color today, using my little random color generator gadget on the sidebar and thinking about all the color masters and colorful influences....

And I logged onto Blogspot and because I follow Beverly Gilbert I saw that she posted about color (and she's really good at it) and then she talked about color week with Lisa, so I of course had to click over and wow, such color, can't wait for next week! I'd love to participate but if you read yesterday's post, you'll understand why I am going to let reason prevail and skip this one....but I'd really really like to. I will be checking Lisa's blog regularly from now on.

and then there is Margie Deeb whose insights on color helped me to expand my bead color inventory, the wall is more well rounded because of Margie.

But for now, I'll make do with a few clicks on the random color generator. Type a word into the search category, here's spring


Or just click Another! and surprise yourself. Have fun!

1 comment:

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

fun random palettes!

I am feeling a little overwhelmed with B&B prep et al, but couldn't pass up a colorful week. Perhaps if you feel spontaneous (no pressure!) you may end up posting blue tomorrow...