Wednesday, May 20, 2009


What an interesting exercise to go through photos and see relationships between colors which show up in my work and photos that may have even subliminally inspired them.

Here's orange

A big thank you to Curious Girl Lisa who encouraged this color exercise!

Back to Bead and Button preparation! It's a show I love to attend. So many good friends to see, and so many great works of art to experience. I love to meet my students, to share with them the special bond of beads, and be inspired by them. It is always the greatest of weeks.

And I have the ring trade with Kate that I am totally looking forward to. It is time for me to look past the last few days of this preparation and see the joy that will be at the end of it.

See you tomorrow for pinks and reds!


Anonymous said...

it is good exercise to think along these colour lines, isnt it? good luck for the show.

Chris said...

Great textures, between the flowers and fabrics/beads/shell...I can't decide which is my favorite!

Dagmar said...

I do see Dutch tulips, and they are great. Looking forward to tomorrow too. Have a great Orangy day. And the best of luck at the show. XXX

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Love your ring! And don't orange and pink look lovely - the tulips look like a dish of sorbet!

tnahowru said...

now your cookin - beauuuuutiful.

kendalee said...

Beautiful and vibrant!

Gill Slone - Beadography said...

I've just "discovered" a love of orange in my beading and these piccies are a great inspiration - fully of energy.

flyingbeader said...

I'm so in love with the orange. I think nothing makes me smile more than seeing anything with the color orange. Lovely things you are doing with the colors. See you in Tahoe.