Friday, May 15, 2009

Moo, Book, Crystals and plans

So cute, the little Moo cards, I couldn't resist. I decided to use them for projects from the book. On the back you'll find the book title, lest you forget 'Marcia DeCoster's Beaded Opulence' and my website.

And while on I'm on book news, the editor called today and I will have a copy in my hands the first of next week! Which is great news because I'll be able to take that book to Bead and Button and those of you going will be able to have a look! I'm pretty darn excited. And you'll be able to order one of your very own! Ok, I think I'm overboard on the exclamation points, so I'll move on.....but more details on book ordering are coming soon.

And if you should look for it on amazon, search decoster and you'll see 'frequently bought together' my book next to Rachel Nelson Smiths.

I've known and loved Rachel forever and I think it's amazing timing and a great honor for our books to be featured together.

Today's mail brought these.

I bought one back in March when I visited Blanche at Beads by Blanche, and I've had them on my mind ever since. So I decided that I must own them and I called and she still had them and she mailed them. I like that. And I have a plan which involves bezeling 30 or so of these in charlottes, which may need to come after Bead and Button, and the Beadwork project and the Tahoe project and the Remembrance shawl, but now I own them and they can wait their turn, happily in my possesion where I can gaze upon and fondle them.


Lynn said...

Those moo cards are so cute!!! I love those blue/violet gems, too. I want to scoop them up and feel them!

Bead-Mused said...

Just yum. Everything in the post. Yum.