Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Urban Trees

For several years now the San Diego Port District has promoted a Public Art program called Urban Trees on the waterfront of San Diego Bay. There have been many beautiful 'trees' by accomplished artists over the years, but this year I came upon my all time favorite.

I'm especially drawn to the interactiveness of this entry. The name, "Californiascope" by artists Harmon Nelson, Vicki Leon and Steve Riggs. 'This interactive, giant kaleidoscope is a cornucopia of light, color, pattern and movement. Constructed of welded steel, carved glass and uniquely designed fixtures and surfaces. The sculpture also includes control knobs that allow the viewer to rotate three of the scopes lenses.'

Solar powered so you can still see it at night!

Beautiful glass, and beads, controlled by the gears for never ending designs. The color wheel is powered by the wind so on a breezy day is constantly shifting.

Here are just two designs I captured through the viewfinder. I could do this for hours except for the number of other viewers waiting their turn....

This tree impresses me in how well both the art, functionality and engineering have come together to make a truly exceptional design. I'd love to have this in my backyard! I hope when the season is over this piece will become a public installation.


Chris said...

I adore kaleidoscopes. This thing is fabulous. I would be playing with that thing all day too :)

Katie said...

That's awesome - and kaleidoscopes are so much fun...I can easily see how you could spend all day in front of it and not want to share :o)

Beverly Herman said...

What a beautiful kaleidoscope. The imagination and invention of art is amazing.

Jean Hutter said...

That kaleidoscopes is so amazing I would love to see it