Thursday, May 28, 2009

Do I have it backwards?

I have a wedding to attend, a rather important daughter Lucia is getting married this summer....She will be an incredibly beautiful bride marrying her handsome prince in a romantic garden setting.

People seem to be asking what I will wear and I don't know. I started with Remembrance, a Shibori knitted wrap out of silk mohair that I fell in love with. The knitting is going well, 1/3 of the way done with 7 weeks to go.

Next I picked some jewelry which works well with the subdued charcoal grey of the wrap.

I love motion in my jewelry and the pearls on these bangles move delicately around the wrist while wearing. I have matching pearl earrings suspended from chain, a design I favor. Both were done by Carol Brown whose studio is at the Grove.

I love the detail of the bead caps she used here

I've never been a department store kind of gal, no Macy's or Nordstroms for me. My hope is that I'll have time to make a trip to Kati Koos in San Francisco. I know Kati can help me put together the perfect outfit to compliment my shawl and jewelry.

It's Lucia's day to shine and she will. I'm sure I'll work out something to wear.


Katie said...

Hey - whatever get you ready for the big day works...But it does kind of remind me of the commercial where the lady wants her house designed around a faucet :o)

AuntieAnnie said...

The shawl and bracelets are beautiful. My favorite place in Connecticut to shop is (I know you are not in Connecticut but I thought you might like to look at their clothing.

coolmoon said...

I picture a light, pearly dove gray. Or you could go bolder with a purple or fuschia.
What a wonderful thing to look forward to after Bead & Button mania!

Dagmar Fleuren said...

You are so gifted, no matter what you ware it'll be great because that's what your creatures are. GREAT.