Saturday, May 2, 2009

The fun continues....

What a week it has been. Today, we began urchin lariat and many a fine color combination was done. Tomorrow I'll try to provide some photos. There were some speed demons in class!

Previous class projects were shown, here is Shannon's ringlets, love those fun colors

And Honores one ringlet. She took my 'focus and finish' message to heart and finished her ringlet. Honore is in the carpet industry and called this 'a color story' from this years home decor colors. Isn't it stunning?

So during the course of my week, I kept noticing these needle cases....and I tracked down the source, Deborah Smith. Deborah was invited to be featured artist of the year at the Anchorage Museum. I had the pleasure of her company on my Seward trip. Turns out Deborah has a cozy home in Seward.

Her needle cases are amazing and each one has the personality of the artist it was created for.

Here is Vivian's who owns a 'flower power' painted volkswagen. It's perfect.

And here is Linda's, bright fun colors,

and the reverse side is signed with Deborah's initials.

I'm trying to work out a way to own one of these...

We had a dinner outing this evening, joined by Cheryl Frasca (Beadventures) and Linda and Vivian and Terry. It was a very nice meal. Cheryl ordered Osso Bucco and I was concerned abut having menu envy, so I had to follow suit.

The restaurant, Orso, had lovely ambiance

and here is a picture of Cheryl and Linda enjoying that ambiance.

Tomorrow I finish up Urchin Lariat and on Monday I head home to reality ....well, I have a playdate with the Grove girls on Tuesday and then reality.

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