Monday, May 4, 2009

Reality Beckons

Yes, the good and bad of it is that I leave Alaska today and it's been such great fun. The good, I get to sleep next to my husband in my own bed, always nice. The bad, I must face the reality of the scary to do list. But first a few more Alaskan highlights.

Wanda made me an urchin. I might have been saying how I always envisioned a pink and orange one, but hadn't had the time.....and Wanda said I'll make you one...Shameless as it may have been I didn't hesitate a minute, I picked out those beads! And here is what Wanda did.

And here's Wanda.

She's fast and she loved the urchin so I only have mild guilt. And I gifted her the beads to make one for herself.

I told you there were color whizzes, here is Sian's, so beautiful with the old jet ab2x coated beads, more green then today's blue color. She was saving them for a special occasion.

And then the jellyfish by Shannon, brilliant. She had one of those what if moments and went home and beaded an urchin with clear beads. She then beaded a second small urchin in bright blue and placed it inside of the first urchin so you can see peeks of color through.....oh the possibilities.

Parked outside the door I kept glimpsing this license plate, and yep it did belong to a student, Vivien. Loved it.

I also spotted another beautiful needle case, this one belonging to Sian. Made by the multi-talented Debra Smith.

Linda the wonder hostess made it a very special week! I hope there is day I'll be asked to come back.

And Roberta, the every smiling and cheerful young women at the front desk of the Dimond Hotel....left me a thank you card for being a nice guest. Now how often does that happen? The people are really really nice here.


Arlenesfelt said...

Marcia, thanks for sharing your Anchorage week. Many times my thoughts were of you and your experience, for the first time, of Alaska, a truly magical place in many ways.

Mari said...

Oh my God!! Wanda's urchin is GORGEOUS! BEAUTIFUL COLORS!!

Becca said...

Marcia, I would leave you a thank you note too!! You are so very gracious and wonderful!!! Thanking you for sharing Alaska with us bloggers.

The bad Liz said...

I love those colours in the urchin, also. How cool. And the jellyfish is wicked.

(Can I use the word wicked or am I too old?)

Great inspiration.......

Lisa said...

LOVE love love the pink and orange urchin!!

Alexargai said...

Oh, elles sont superbes ces perles perlées... j'adore! bravo!

Que j'aimerai savoir les faire...
D'ailleurs, y a t'il un schéma quelque part ? Merci beaucoup.