Saturday, May 16, 2009


Perhaps I have a few too many things going on at once....I often talk about 'focus and finish' but these past few weeks too many things seem to need doing at the same time....

There is a beadwork project to finish for the designer of the year series in Beadwork magazine, beading done, but they do usually require directions as well

The Tahoe Bead Retreat, two samples done, need directions written and a third color sample

Then there is
Bead and Button, that little show that is always on my schedule in June, let's not even talk about 4 weeks later putting together proposals for the next year....I'm still making kits for this year

I am knitting Remembrance, a shibori mohair and silk shawl. I need some non bead diversion in my life....

There's a retreat I haven't even told you about yet, and I'm co-promoting it and I need to get a logo done and a website up, and I need to finish up a project for it so I can tell you about it, it's good, you're going to love it, I'll tell you more soon, it involves Beading by the Bay.

My husband is doing the work on my re-designed website which needs to be completed so that people can buy kits and the BOOK!

It is requiring my attention for some photo shoots, some text, some testing and then it can go live

And probably when it does I should tell a few folks who have joined my mailing list and are waiting for the news, so I will need to revisit my email marketing software and get that done

The scary part about all that is what if people want to buy stuff? Yeah, I know it's nuts, that is what I'm supposed to want them to do, but's a lot to consider.

And I've re-designed my business cards to match my new website colors, and what I'd really like to do is to bead a new business card case to match the new cards, yes I am delusional.

I of course have to bead now and then

AND, I've decided to have a small bead presence at the Grove in North Park, San Diego. It's exciting, something I've always envisioned, a destination for yarn, fabric, beads, books, jewelry and more all under one roof. With women who I adore, who are artistic and creative and smart and fun. So on the 'to do list' I added 'package beads' and all the required systems to go along with having even a small bead store...

I may be crazy?


Arlenesfelt said...

Sounds pretty exciting to me! I like your new cards, very clean and bright.

Carol B said...

Do you sleep?

Bead-Mused said...

Ah, beader's ADHD.

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Yes, oh yes, us crazy souls are knee (or neck) deep in boxes, deadlines, bead kits... but would you have it any other way?