Friday, May 1, 2009

The Road to Seward

Yesterday I had the amazing good fortune to drive the road to Seward which was filled with awesome beauty. Linda from the Alaska Bead Company and friend Deborah Smith were my companions on this beautiful drive.

Linda's eagle eyes spotted this treat in a tree next to the waterfront

Yep, an eagle!

When we first arrived a thick layer of fog obscured the Resurrection Bay view, but as it lifted I was treated to this amazing view.

We had a delicious lunch, wandered a bit and resumed the drive back to Anchorage. Linda pointed out the hauntingly beautiful ghost trees. A result of the salt water tsunami of the 1964 earthquake which had killed the trees but left them standing.

We did spot a Dall sheep, but without my proper zoom lens it was a speck on the mountainside, next time I'll bring the grown up camera.

But I did think you might appreciate this stunning vista.

What a day!

On Wednesday I was able to finish my final Beadwork Designer of the Year project which will be in the December issue. Suffice it to say, I love it. Simple yet elegant, I've been wearing it ever since. I'm actually ahead of the June 12th deadline, so I get to enjoy it for awhile. When I get home to my proper camera I'll give you a sneak peek.


Katie said...

What beautiful scenery! Your pictures are making the one more week till my cruise that much harder to bear :o) But, I am glad you are having a great time and getting out to see the sights!

Arlenesfelt said...

I know so well of what you write. I'm happy for you to be enjoying Alaska.

Jean Hutter said...

What beautiful photos I cannot imagine just how beautiful Alaska is - maybe someday I will see it!

Can't wait for a sneak peek of the December project!